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AionLegacy Server Rules


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Principle rules
The following rules are not exhaustive.

1. When completing the registration procedure, the user undertakes to provide accurate, complete and up-to-date information by filling out the registration form in the administration resources.

2. When you confirm the registration on the server, you automatically agree with the general rules of the project.

3. It is forbidden to make attempts of getting unauthorized access to accounts.

4. It is forbidden to use programs that simulate the presence of a player in the game, modifying game client and giving advantages in the game in not-gaming way, use server errors (bugs).

5. It is forbidden any arrangement between players of opposite factions including AP trade and other dishonest manipulations and cooperate with other players in order to get benefits.

6. It is prohibited to post links to resources containing false information about the Administration's services and its activities, as well as information about third parties and any information (including personal correspondence) about any User/representative of the Administration, without their written consent.

7. It is forbidden to use profanity, insults and offences (using strong/coarse/foul/abusive language) on other players and offending relatives/parents both in game and in other sources of Aion Legacy.

8. Clan names, abbreviations of clans, character names, pets names, titles, insulting other players or simply containing vulgar language are unacceptable. This includes the usage of such words incorrectly or in an alternative way of writing in order to get around mentioned restrictions.

9. It is forbidden to perform acts demonstrating racism and nationalism.

10. It is forbidden to advertise any off-side resource and to link them without preapproval of the Administration.

11. It is forbidden to selling/buying game values for non-game currency, selling or exchanging game accounts, fraud with the game store, deception of users for kinah/currency through the game store, as well as any deceptive operations in the game to gain benefits in kinah, drop, etc.

12. It is forbidden to give misleading information about the Administration and/or about players (libel), to deceive the administration for getting profit.

13. It is forbidden to intentionally or accidentally impersonate another User/representative of the Administration, insult and have a disrespectful attitude towards other Users/representatives of the Administration, criticize the actions of project employees.

Remember that when playing on our server, you agree to comply with the rules of the server published on the resources of the administration. You are responsible for your account, as well as for those accounts that other players have entrusted to you for use.

The project administration has the right to issue a penalty at its discretion, fair in their opinion (up to the termination of the provision of services to the user and the deletion of the account), or to increase its term, or not to issue a penalty at all, if it deems it necessary.

The administration has the right to ban not only the account from which the violation was committed, but also all connected accounts to which the user logged in from his PC.

Respect yourself, other players and the Administration.

Best regards,
Aion Legacy team

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